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Description of Korrespondensgymnasiet

Korrespondensgymnasiet is a virtual, webbased public upper secondary school open to pupils from all over Sweden. The local authority of Torsås municipality are, according to Swedish regulation, approved as principal in the Swedish school system. The school follows Swedish legislation and regulation in the same manner that applies to all national schools in Sweden. Korrespondensgymnasiet can not be equated with homeschooling.

Graduating from Korrespondensgymnasiet gives the student full access to higher education and the courses and programs available at the school are conducted in accordance with national standards.

The school has about 500 students who have chosen distance education from their home, in Sweden or abroad. A few pupils also attend adult secondary education.

To be admitted to Korrespondensgymnasiet you have to have finished ninth grade in the Swedish school system and meet the admission requirements according to Swedish school law, alternatively have a corresponding education from another country and a diploma in the Swedish language, year nine, from a Swedish school. You also have to be nationally registered in Sweden.

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